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Are uniforms required?

YES. It is a GHSA (Georgia High School Association) rule that ALL athletes have the school uniform singlet and shorts. 

Is there a size chart?

There is a size chart for each item on the Boathouse web store. The items tend to run true to the listed measurements. If you are in between sizes, we suggest buying the bigger size.

Why do I need to purchase my own uniform, and not rent/borrow for the season as in other sports?

Running/Field uniforms are unique in that they have built in undergarments that really are not meant to be shared between athletes or carried over from season to season. Every fit and preference is unique to each athlete.

Why does the program only do online ordering?

The program has found that the online store is more effective logistically and cost-wise for the booster club. Having athletes order their own pieces that are delivered to their own houses saves the booster club money in that it's not carrying an inventory of leftovers from year to year, trying to estimate sizes of potential athletes, or trying to distribute uniforms at various times throughout the season. We have a good relationship with Boathouse, which keeps the same design, allowing us to offer the same quality and appearance to all athletes year after year.

Is the track distance uniform the same as the cross country uniform?


What kind of uniform do I need?

  • Distance Runners (800m and above):

  • Racer Singlet & Endurance Short

  • Sprinters/Jumpers:

  • Men: Racer Singlet & Compression Short

  • Women: Racer Singlet & Lightning Short

  • Field Events/Throwers:

  • Check with a coach

I'm not sure what events I'll be competing in this season. What should I buy?

Talk with a coach at practice to help you identify potential events and what you will need for the season.

I'm competing in more than one kind of event. What should I buy?

Talk with a coach. The program has some extra uniform pieces on an as-needed basis for those athletes who are participating in different types of events.

Still have questions?

Contact us at and we will be happy to help you. 

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